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Brief guide for parents

Diagnosis of Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder requires you to do the following:

  • Provide for a well-organized lifestyle. Establish routines.
  • Break any task down into short time periods, with breaks and constant support for what has been achieved.
  • Establish a deadline after which everyone will be liberated from the kid’s task.
  • A constant effort to find their virtues and continuous gratification regarding what they have done correctly.
  • Avoid constant criticism within the family atmosphere.
  • Spend some time sharing with the kid any activity s/he enjoys.
  • Make it very clear that you care for them, that you love them and that you believe in them.
  • Keep eye contact when talking to your kid, this strengthens your bond with him/her and improves the quality of communication.
  • Rules are clear. Children sometimes break them because they don’t understand them or simply because they are not aware of them.
  • Instructions need to be direct, concise and clear.
  • Do not pay attention to your kid when s/he interrupts; make it clear when’s the right time for them to participate and congratulate them when they do it at the appropriate time.
  • Try to ignore any negative behavior, whenever possible.
  • Specify the behavior you are congratulating the kid for: label said congratulation.
  • Avoid using the word NO when giving them instructions; be creative in order to make positive directions.
  • Avoid punishments, except for limit situations.
  • Choose a time when the kid is receptive to tell her/him important things.
  • Break down school homework into short time periods, with breaks and constant support for what has been achieved.
  • Ask for help whenever you feel overwhelmed.

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