Informational website, including:

  • Texts on ADHD (at home, at school, in their spare time and social life) and on the emotional development of individuals.
  • Guides prepared by the Association for parents, teachers and therapists, which may be downloaded free of charge.
  • Information on the most relevant news for professionals in specialised forums (guild associations, scientific media, meetings, conferences, etc.), as well as in the general media.
  • Summaries of the most important activities carried out by the Association.
  • Editorials on the topics of interest of the Association: ADHD and the emotional development of the child.

Organisation of meetings with teachers: educational talks at schools, ongoing training courses, conferences.

Organisation of meetings with parents: educational talks, conferences, work groups.

Organisation of meetings with therapists: ongoing training courses and workshops for the supervision of work groups.

Organisation of an annual session to raise awareness about relevant information on emotional development, with unrestricted access and free of charge.

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