Letter from Elisabeth d’Ornano

The Little Prince and his Rose

The Little Prince´s story is a jewel. Antoine de Saint Exupery got to his inner child when the Prince came to life, awaking his emotions through his pure soul. Many questions get solved when they are simple, as thinking like an adult may not be always wise. How are things perceived when you pause?

What outstands for me in the story, is the importance to care for someone. The Little Prince loves his rose, he has dedicated so much time to it, it becomes unique for him. He takes care of it and his planet, but one day he feels ignorant and leaves to reach Earth in search of knowledge and there encounters St. Exupery. At first, St. Exupery finds it difficult to understand the Little Princes´ simplified world, but the boy is so enchanting and interesting that he breaks down his barriers.

This reminds me of my father, who managed big quests in his life, where he built a lot with heart. He found the child in him, even though his ego motivated him throughout his life, he knew how to make people stand out creating lots of positive bonds. I have a family member who had ADHD who resembles him. My father used to tell me “this boy has charm, he is capable of selling anyone anything, besides having a great heart. He will go far.”

He is now twenty years old, managing well his studies as well as his internship, just trying to mature at his pace and build his self-esteem. Smoothly sailing ahead. Some time ago, I told him that thanks to his difficulty I embarked into this project and through the web site, we have been able to get to almost one million people, all of who have been able to identify themselves with his initial seed. When your family is your priority, it is quite possible for the outcome to surprise you, it is your personal rose garden, that needs to be watered with love. Be conscious of people´s virtues in order to make them stand out.

Elisabeth d´Ornano

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